AREND provides Management, Project and Technical Consultancy Services to Tire and Rubber Manufacturing companies.

This core competency emerges from vast knowledge and experience in Tire Industry, R&D and Manufacturing Operations. It is based on the long professional background and practice through work with the leading Tire Companies, as well as through service in International Institutions, Regulating Bodies, Standards Organizations and Government.

AREND offers current, practical and economical solutions to independent tire companies who seek further development of their present technologies, products and processes, marketing and management systems.

There are numerous services that AREND puts forward upon through teaming up with eminent experts who have transferable managerial and technical skills and upon sourcing from a network of suppliers, contractors and partnering organizations. These include product design and materials development, equipment and machinery procurement, as well as Information Technology packages and tire industry specific software. Further advisory assistance comprises new tire factory projects, plant design, engineering and construction, erection and operation supervision.

Tire and industry related Companies AREND has served are Petlas Tire, Ozerband Conveyor Belt, Siyas Valve, Anlas Tire Companies in Turkey, Barez Tire Group and Kian Shir Lastic, Kian Cord, Sirjan Wire, Sirjan Retreading Companies in Iran, Ural Tire Factory Russia, Amerityre Company USA, Ghabbour Auto Egypt and Rubber King India.