As AREND, we believe that we cannot know and execute any business better than anyone who is actually doing it, but we trust we can achieve better results together. So we need to be acquainted with the subject, the people and the setting we will perform in very well. First we touch people, and then study the products, materials, processes and the markets closely.

AREND ASSESSMENT is a first step to that purpose, which investigates the order and status of the company, outlines the future direction and assesses all the functions in regard to the value they add. It comprises an in-depth analysis through Corporate Audit, Strategic Audit, and Manufacturing Audit as appropriate, penetrates into details of problems and creates a database. It helps to define the real needs and wants of the company, to report results under an Audit Report and to prepare an Action Plan for further collaborative work.

AREND SOLUTIONS is a collaboration platform, initiated based on report, action plan and data base with the participation of all employees, customers, suppliers and with the commitment of the company owners for the quest to be better. It is a process for joint deliberation, research and hard work, to produce immediate results and to achieve concrete and measurable developments.

AREND APPLICATION is a long term support for implementing the agreed upon solutions with hands-on work across the enterprise, in the operations area, at the markets and for them to take place in strategic management plans for sustainable success.