AREND was founded in 1995 by Cem Ergün as an individual consulting initiative. With the experience and knowledge accumulated in Research and Development as well as in Industry, AREND specifically aimed to serve industrial companies.

 AREND has conducted the consultancy work within the framework of the mission

 “AREND aims to offer service, for development and guidance of management systems assessing people, technology and information resources, targeting quality an productivity within the supply chain extending from raw material sources to customer satisfaction and focused on the main process of product innovation and manufacturing, to technology-oriented industrial companies especially determined for international competition at their conception or institutionalization stage.”

 and continued to guide companies, for them to assess their people, technology and information resources and for their development and change. Focused especially on the basic product creation and production process, while improving quality and efficiency over the supply chain ranging from raw material resources to customer satisfaction. Supported companies to create new industrial and commercial values in areas of technology, innovation and manufacturing.

In addition to providing consultancy to enterprises in the manufacturing sector for developing their management systems, AREND engaged in the field of international marketing and business development and lead these entities to new export markets in line with her foundation purpose.

For these reasons, AREND Industrial Consulting Inc. was incorporated in 1997 with the effort to involve Turkish industrialists and to enable them to bid directly for the tenders of the U.S. Department of Defense DoD and of the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency NAMSA.

Upon establishing as AREND Industrial Consultancy, Inc. in 1997, AREND received the NATO Secret Clearance, and became a Trading Partner of the US Department of Defense, to assist the Turkish manufacturers for becoming approved vendor to US DoD through Central Contractor Registration, Trading Partner Survey and Source Qualification. These suppliers, became entitled to follow the US Department of Defense procurement tenders, to bid, and export within the framework of Turkey’s defense and economic agreements.

AREND took part as well in the activities for the NATO Continuous Acquisition and Life Cycle Support (CALS), participated to the Mediterranean CALS Conference. Served for the Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Maritime Trade and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) at the CALS Industry Steering Group and in sub-committees for Quality and Information Technologies for the Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs).

AREND Industrial Consulting Inc. has signed as well a License Agreement with the Government of the United States of America for the Electronic Commerce and Electronic Data Interchange (EC/EDI) subjects, to start to working as Value Added Network Service Provider (VAN Service Provider) for EC/EDI with the US Department of Defense.

Upon cooperation with Advanced Communication Systems (ACS) in North Olmsted Ohio, USA, AREND has obtained the US Department of Defense VAN Service Provider certification in 1998 and became the first and only certified VAN outside United States of America.

With this certification AREND aimed to offer Business to Business (B2B) electronic commerce consulting and network services covering Turkey, Europe and the Middle East and structured a 7daysX24hours uninterrupted service at the Istanbul Goztepe head office and at the TUBITAK Gebze Techno park office. However, this being yet an early attempt at that time and for the country, further progress on this issue could not be pursued.

In the 2000s, AREND focused more on change management, institutionalization and strategic management, performance based budgeting and work planning subjects. In particular, services for creating international business partnerships were offered to companies along with business consulting, research, engineering, and export development support. In the same way, foreign companies have been added to the companies served portfolio, and assistance for market research, market entry, business structuring and operation were provided those who want to be established in Turkey.

During this process AREND Industrial Consultancy opened abroad through international experience, relationships and mobility, have assumed projects in various countries attended. AREND became business partner with the Foreign Trade Development Fund (FTDF) based in Ekaterinburg in Russia and served the companies in URAL for international business and trade cooperation.

Also in the years 2000, AREND Industrial Consultancy has created an alliance with International GOPAL SA based in Luxemburg, operating in France and other European Countries such as Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. AREND represented GOPAL in Turkey and jointly offered services in Production Management and Supply Chain projects.

With GOPAL, a research project at the European EUREKA platform in Turkey, especially for the automotive industry was started with the participation of TEMSA Inc. supported by TUBITAK in Turkey and of CETIM (Le CEntre Technique des Industries Mécaniques) supported by OSEO and ANVAR in France, and the EUREKA Project coded E!3396 MAFLOW was carried out.

After this period, AREND Industrial Consulting focused again on overseas projects, mainly in Iran, between the years of 2004 -2008. Provided Management and Technology Consulting Services to domestic and foreign companies operating in the field of Tire and Rubber Industry, on product development, manufacturing, marketing processes and on other issues that they need.

Also, AREND initiated Management and Coordination Services for new Hotel and renovation projects regarding Interior Architecture, Design and Implementation, and in collaboration with NAOS DESIGN, undertook various projects mainly abroad.

AREND provided consultation to more than 30 local organizations and offered services to 25 foreign companies. For 11 foreign companies, projects were carried on in their own country in their own premises, thus exporting consultancy out of Turkey. At the end of 2013, AREND Industrial Consulting Inc.’s existence as a corporate entity was terminated while the professional activity is continuing in the form of independent consultancy under the name AREND Management Consultancy.