AREND was founded in 1995 by Cem Ergün as an individual consulting initiative. With the experience and knowledge accumulated in Research and Development as well as in Industry, AREND specifically aimed to serve industrial companies.

In addition to providing consultancy to enterprises in the manufacturing sector for developing their management systems, AREND engaged in the field of international marketing and business development and lead these entities to new export markets in line with her foundation purpose.

For these reasons, AREND Industrial Consulting Inc. was incorporated in 1997 with the effort to involve Turkish industrialists and to enable them to bid directly for the tenders of the U.S. Department of Defense DoD and of the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency NAMSA.

AREND provided consultation to dozens of local organizations and offered services to 25 foreign companies since 1997. Several projects for foreign companies were carried out in their own countries, on their own premises, thus exporting consultancy out of Turkey. At the end of 2013, AREND Industrial Consulting Inc.’s existence as a corporate entity was terminated while the professional activity continues in the form of independent consultancy under the name AREND Management Consultancy.